The United States and the World Cup 2014 – could it finally happen

As the first round of the World Cup 2014 Soccer Tournament is almost coming to a close to make way and get ready for the “Knockout Round,” because I am a big fan of College Basketball and the NCAA Tournament, I personally prefer to call it the “Sweet Sixteen” of the World Cup 2014. Several teams have really surprised me and shown they can play the game very well and deserve to be where they are right now, the first team would be Mexico (aka: El Tri) as they call them are playing with a lot of force, strength and they are young players so the future of mens soccer in Mexico is looking very promising, I saw Mexico beat Croatia 3 to 1 and they were moving and passing the ball very well and played together as a team working hard to capture their goal which is win the World Cup what every soccer fan especially young soccer fans cheer for. The second team would be Brazil, I do not need to say anymore they are the hosting country and the home team so “home cooking” is of the essence some of their games might not finish with high scores but they are headed to the second round so it really does not matter. Finally, my third team is the United States, this World Cup 2014 I am totally with the play, talent and attitude that not only the players and coaches on Team USA have but also the fans of the United States which include myself they have come with the attitude that we are not going to be made fun off in regards to the United States Mens Soccer Program anymore we will show the world that Team USA has the talent and ability to win soccers most illustrious trophy the World Cup and I hope they do. I will be honest I had Spain winning the World Cup again but they have been eliminated even though I am disappointed I feel they did play very well and played with their heart for their country and people that is what the World Cup 2014 is all about playing your best and representing your country and your fellow citizens.

The Danger of Gun Control and Violence in the United States is a real problem!

Some time ago there was a tragic incident on the college campus of Santa Monica Community College and/or Santa Monica Junior College, Santa Monica, California on June 7, 2013 in which a gunman was shooting cars and buses before he headed to the Southern California educational institution and began shooting at several students in the library before Police and local authorities fatally shot him this after he shot both his father and brother at their house while setting it on fire.  There is also the April 19, 2013 incident on the campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where the two “Boston Marathon Bombers, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev shot multiple times and killed Campus Police Officer, Sean Collier who was responding to the incident he was only 26 years old. What about the December 14, 2012 shooting tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut where gunman, Adam Lanza shot and killed 27 innocent victims many of them young innocent children until he shot and took his own life.  I can go on giving you more incidents and tragedies that have taken place in the United States but I think you get my point.  The problem is not with guns and/or weapons specifically it is with the people that carry the guns and/or weapons and intend to use it for harm and dangerous acts for whatever unknown reason or unknown message that they want to spread by hurting and killing innocent people to get the negative attention that they feed on.  The way we as a society can help with the danger of Gun control and weapons control in general is to give Law-abiding citizens a gun to help protect and defend themselves and maybe others against a dangerous person or a terrorist that they might be encountering because at this moment the bad people have all the guns and weapons that if used improperly can hurt and kill more innocent victims, we need some good people to carry a gun and/or weapon to stop terrorist and dangerous criminal acts as well as to prevent the unnecessary injury and death of more innocent victims.  I strongly and firmly believe that the United States as a country needs to look at this problem very seriously or tragedies and incidents will just keep continuing.