The Catholic Church needs to reach out to young people

I was recently reading a past issue of Catholic San Francisco and I saw and noticed some great photographs and articles in there with wonderful volunteers and church members. The one thing that I noticed about the Catholic Church as well as the Catholic Faith is that the majority of the church membership is senior citizens and older adults, not a lot of youth, children or young adults which in my opinion is very bad for the Catholic Church in the present as well as in the future because if future generations do not come and join the church and discover the word of God the Catholic Church and the Catholic Faith might get neglected, abandoned and stop existing because of low membership and patronage and that would be a real travesty. What the Catholic Church needs to start doing is to open its doors, start brand new programs that will attract not only young adults but youth and children as well so that the Catholic Church and the Catholic Faith can get re-invigorated with new generations of church goers and/or parishioners to keep the word of God strong in the world. The Catholic Church needs to reach out to young adults, youth and children if it wants the Catholic Faith to continue to live and survive now and for future generations to come.