The war is over in Iraq – how long will the peace last without the United States solldiers.

The war in Iraq is officially over and all the United States military, soldiers and troops are coming home, I would like to say thank you to them for all their hard work and sacrifice fighting for our country that is the good news. Now the bad news, how long will the peace and quiet last in Iraq and the Middle East in general without the American soldiers being there to keep the peace and not to add salt to the wound but I believe the war in Afghanistan is basically the same problem. My question is why does the United States have to get involved in other countries to help keep the peace, is it possible that the other countries can get along without any problem or the U.S. being there. My point is the recent war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan is mainly between two group(s) that have different religious customs and beliefs and they do not accept one another at all which leads to conflict and war ultimately. I personally believe that we should accept and respect each others beliefs and ideas (religious and other things) and just live in peace. Now if that does not work, I say we start using a strong session of Mediation and/or Conflict Resolution if it works here in the United States then I say we formally introduce it to the world anything that will help keep the United States troops, soldiers and military home is worth investigating not only for the United States sake but for the worlds sake as well. This upcoming new year, I think we should all start using our hearts in addition to our heads.

Problems in Libya should U.S. get involved II

Now do not get me wrong and/or misunderstand me, I do believe in peace on earth and we should all get along peacefully as well as respects each others thoughts, opinions, and religious beliefs without any hesitation, but I was watching the television news a few days ago and as they were showing the problems, fighting, and chaos in Libya just because their so called President and/or Leader Khadafi does not want to step down peacefully and as you can expect blood-shed is probably going to follow.  Well the United States is preparing to go to Libya to start the formal process of removing Khadafi either the good way or the ugly way which appears that is going to be solution.  I do not agree with our policy that the United States has to get involve again, we already have our hands full with Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya.  Why don’t let other countries get involved so they can see how they handle it instead of always calling the U.S. and their wonderful soldiers who some of them lose their lives in what I sometimes stupid conflict that we should have never been involved.