Is President Obama a bully or just a loud mouthed neanderthal

A few days ago, I was on my Facebook account and one of my friends posted a message that said; “I do not appreciate ruling by fear– nothing but a bully! Ooh! makes me so mad! Now I have to pray for him.” I assume that they were talking about United States President, Barack Obama and probably some rule, law, and/or regulation that he wants to pass and is making a big stink about it. I guess I need to clarify some things about politics and the system of government in the United States, we are a Democracy, we started as a Democracy and will continue as a Democracy by the thoughts and wishes of our Founding Fathers and the United States Constitution. President Obama (unlike other past Presidents of the United States) thinks he has the power to dictate new laws and regulations including maybe inputing a new budget with only the sound of his voice and the power of his signature with a pen to make it into law instantly. Fortunately (and I mean that honestly and sincerely) that does not take place it has to go to the other branch of government that we have the Legislative branch which is the United States Congress and the United States Senate, they have to see what the President would like to introduce and make into law that way the branches of the United States Government work together and cooperatively to see if it is best for the people of the United States. This is simple United States Government class, no branch of the United States Government can have more power than the other two maintaining the checks and balances system which so far has worked wonderfully. The President of the United States cannot be a bully or a dictator because he will be stopped at his tracks before his plans, ideas, or actions come into play without it first being looked at and reviewed by the Legislative branch. I understand that a lot of you are very worried at all the disarray that Barack Obama has done as our Commander In Chief, to which I say relax he cannot change our system of government from a Democracy into a dictatorship. We as a great nation have worked to hard to let that happen especially the United States Military and Veterans who some have given their lives to maintain our freedom. In closing I would like to say remember that the President of the United States only serves a four year term and after that he is finished unless we re-elect him again which in this case I am strongly against it and we need a President and a Leader who will continue to maintain our system of government which is made “With the People, By The People, and For the People” and that is how it should always be.

Problems in Libya should U.S. get involved II

Now do not get me wrong and/or misunderstand me, I do believe in peace on earth and we should all get along peacefully as well as respects each others thoughts, opinions, and religious beliefs without any hesitation, but I was watching the television news a few days ago and as they were showing the problems, fighting, and chaos in Libya just because their so called President and/or Leader Khadafi does not want to step down peacefully and as you can expect blood-shed is probably going to follow.  Well the United States is preparing to go to Libya to start the formal process of removing Khadafi either the good way or the ugly way which appears that is going to be solution.  I do not agree with our policy that the United States has to get involve again, we already have our hands full with Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya.  Why don’t let other countries get involved so they can see how they handle it instead of always calling the U.S. and their wonderful soldiers who some of them lose their lives in what I sometimes stupid conflict that we should have never been involved.