Traffic court the costs and fees of penalties have slightly risen unbelieveable

A few days ago, I accompanied a friend of mine to Traffic Court in San Mateo County or to be more formal, Superior Court of the County of San Mateo, Traffic Division, Department 51 which is another name for the courtroom, I was noticing that the entire system has been changed and/or overhauled.  Before if you received a traffic ticket and/or citation when the court has your paper-work you have the option of either paying the fine and/or bail right there or you can take a chance and go talk to the Traffic Court judge to see if he or she can lower the fine and/or penalty by a little bit which in these tough financial times and the economic crisis we are in it can sure help, nowadays you must make an appointment at one of the clerk windows to get your case on the docket and/or the days trial schedule in order for the Traffic Court judge to see you and listen to your case.  I do not know if this was in place beforehand but I saw a man pleading guilty to a traffic ticket and he was fined the amount of $340.00, he asked the Traffic Court for an extension to pay the fine, the Traffic Court responded; “I will give you until January 5, 2012 to pay the fine of $340.00, if after that you need more time the fine will be doubled which doing the math is going to be $680.00 for a traffic violation of course that day I have seen a man be only fined $25.00 for not having a valid Drivers License then showing the Traffic Court judge that he does have it, the funny part of that story is that the Traffic Court judge commented; “I will only fine you $25.00 for showing me that you do have a valid Drivers License, you just saved yourself a fine of $1100.00.” My eyes just lit up with dis-belief $1100.00 for a simple traffic violation, that is incredible, now do not get me wrong I understand that San Mateo County as well as the entire State of California is in an economic deficit but do the fines and/or fees for traffic violations really have to be that high and/or that stiff even I am now scared to drive on the road because I might get a traffic ticket for probably a stupid violation that I should have been aware of not committng in the first place. I will say this, I think one of the main reason(s) that the fines and/or fees are high for traffic violations and/or traffic tickets is because they want the violators to really think about this before they commit the same dumb and/or stupid traffic violation.  I guess my point is when you are on the road driving you should always use your head without any hesitation.



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