Our fundamental rights to protest and assemble what has happen to them

A few days ago, I was reading the local newspaper and watching the local television news when I noticed a story about some college students at the University of California Davis were sitting quietly and protesting in peace (aka: Occupy Davis as it was formally called) while they were getting pepper-sprayed in the face by a Police officer which in my opinion looked very horrible because it appeared that the students were not doing anything or dangerous to merit and/or deserve that kind of treatment they were just sitting quietly and protesting.  My thought is what has happened to our country in regards to our rights to protest, to assemble and to express our thoughts and opinions without any fear of retribution and/or consequences by Police officers and/or Government officials.  I remember when I was younger watching the wonderful protest(s) at the University of California Berkeley, Stanford University, San Francisco State University and among other schools and colleges, it was real peaceful and everyone had a chance to express their thoughts and opinions. Nowadays, if you are found protesting especially in those Occupy protests you are either getting arrested and/or pepper-sprayed in the face which is a real travesty, I firmly and strongly believe that we as a country need to return to our fundamental rights that allow us to peacefully protest, assemble and of course express out thoughts and opinions without any fear of retaliation and/or punishment. I also strongly and firmly believe that we should begin doing this now before we lose this important and fundamental right forever.


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