Health care in the United States is expensive and needs to be reformed

I usually do not agree with United States President, Barack Obama and his points of view but there is an exception to this especially when it comes to Health Care Reform.  A few weeks ago, I was in the hospital for six days to have Surgery now I knew that being in a hospital was expensive I just did not realize how expensive it is until I received the hospital bill, add to that the bill from the Medical Doctor that performed the Surgery and add to that a bill from the company that took X-Rays of me while I was in the hospital which I thought was included in the hospital bill, I was wrong the X-Ray company charges and bills the patients separately. After I added all the bills and/or invoices together the cost(s) were more that I can afford, which meant I had to go to the Social Services/Welfare office to obtain Medical financial help and assistance (Medi-Cal) a program that would help cover all the Medical cost(s) that I received while being in the hospital. I was lucky that I did qualify to get help and assistance with my expensive Medical cost(s) but what about other people in the United States that do not qualify to get financial help and assistance with their Medical bills and they cannot afford to obtain private Health care and/or private Health insurance do they just give up altogether. I strongly believe that we need to start looking at the Health Care System in this country and start reforming it so that everybody can obtain and receive Health care when they need it. When people need to start selling their personal belongings to help pay their Medical cost(s) then we have a real problem on our hands. It is time to change the Health Care System in the United States so that people do not die because of a lack of Health care and/or Health insurance while at the same time maybe help people to seek Medical attention so they can stay healthy.

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