The State of the United States Economy – Is Rome burning?

As I would listen to some news commentators on television give their thoughts and opinions about the failing United States economy and the growing deficit that has caused this economic crisis, I took a moment and thought to myself could we be headed to another “Great Depression” like in the 1940’s where unemployment was high and the only thing that helped saved the U.S. Economy was World War II believe it or not.  After the war ended, U.S. President, Harry Truman and the United States Congress ordered that the factories begin re-build and re-manufacture tanks, ammunition, guns, bullets, along with any other necessities needed to prepare for war again.  The American economy was flowing smoothly for a few years maybe even a few decades but now we are back in the same financial situation and/or rut again with a large deficit, high unemployment, and this time add on large companies going bankrupt and causing layoffs along with company executives embezzling and stealing millions of dollars from the businesses they work for.  Yes, it is safe to say that the United States economy can be compared to “Rome burning” and it is burning strong and slow but strong and if we as Americans do not help the problem now we might not have a great nation to be proud of anymore because we will probably be bankrupt.  I know I will probably sound like a broken record with all these cliches but everyone of us needs to do our part to help the American economy including save as much money as one can, save energy in both your home and your automobile by not driving so much and save gas, paying all your bills, and obligations first before wasting and spending money carelessly on things you do not need.  It appears that all the soldiers from Afghanistan will be returning home from service, first I would like to say thank you and God Bless all of you for serving our country, second, I am also very happy that this battle and/or war in Afghanistan is finally over because we will not spending and wasting  any more money over there and it can be used here to help us with our financial battle that is unfortunately just beginning.


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